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VoIP Features your Competitors are using against you

So you’re running a small business and aren’t using VoIP? What are you doing then? Your competitor is probably already using it, and therefore may already have a massive edge over you. Did that get your attention or do you need more convincing? This information may get a little overwhelming at first, but once you realize the cool VoIP features that your competitors are using against, you will definitely want to get them yourself. So here are just a few of the VoIP features that your competitors are using against you:

Automated Attendant

VoIP’s auto attendant feature is easily one of its most beneficial features, since it effectively renders the need for a receptionist to become obsolete. It helps small businesses to focus on other aspects of their business, since it automatically answers calls, and even plays a recorded greeting. The caller can choose their desired extension, and be rerouted easily.

The Automated attendant feature helps you to save both time and money, which is where your competitors are getting ahead of you, since they can spend their valuable resources on their business.

Enhanced Data Reporting

You also get enhanced data reporting with VoIP systems, which ensures that companies can easily keep track of the data they are consuming on a given day. This feature also tracks inbound and outbound calls, and also creates call reports, which will help businesses to track their call cost, duration, history, etc. This is a valuable feature that almost every small business can take advantage of today.

Barge And Whisper

VoIP has quickly become the go-to solution for many businesses, with internet-based calling replacing traditional phone systems, and one of the main reasons for that is the Barge and Whisper feature. Barge allows supervisors to listen to a conversation between a client and an employee, with the option of alerting them as well.

Whisper allows the listening party to coach employees in real time, specifically when they talk. It helps provide feedback in a more personal manner, which will help alert the employees of their mistakes.

Find Me / Follow Me

One of the main reasons so many small businesses are getting left behind their competition by VoIP features is because of the Find Me / Follow Me feature. It allows users to program incoming calls on different lines in an orderly manner. So even if you are not in office and are expecting an important call, your call will be rerouted to your cell phone, ensuring that you have maximum reach-ability and flexibility.

CRM Integration

Many of the VoIP providers today can offer integration into your Customer Relationship Management (CRM Integration) software to allow for quick information retrieval when you get an incoming call.  It’s like caller ID on steroids!  Imagine the power of instantly having all your clients information on your screen before you pick up their call.  There’s a good chance your competitors are already using this ground breaking technology and beating you with better customer service/retention.


These are some of the VoIP features that your competitors may already be using against you, and if you want to get to their level, you should most definitely surf around our web page to learn more about our service.

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